Motivated by a Heart for Ministry

SRD is committed to a program experience based on the best practices of Christian [principles of] stewardship, major gift development and discerning God’s will for each person involved.  The goal of each program is for our clients to realize, understand, and appreciate the value of donor relationships and the power of a realized vision.  We understand that individuals will be making a financial response, however we believe that it is important for the process to be a spiritual journey.

We provide personalized strategic planning, case development, and program design to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each client.

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Customized Program Approach

The SRD Group, led by Richard Caperton, has come to embrace a philosophy of stewardship that is embedded into the fabric of our firm.  This philosophy is grounded in scripture and tested in the lives of many Christian leaders.  It is our belief that as Christian’s our goal is to be conformed into the image of Christ. As we move toward this goal we develop a radical-other-centered way of life. In which we pour ourselves out for the sake of others.  To be conformed into the image of Christ is to cease to be the center of our world.  This leads a Christian to become generous, which is rooted in grace, an emptying of oneself for others, an expression of love for God and neighbor.  Our goal is to help lead people to experience giving generously to God’s church, which helps them to distinguish what is lasting, eternal and of infinite value from what is temporary, illusory, and untrustworthy.

Breakdown of Givers

Generous Givers

Give Over and Above.

Maturing Givers

Give 3-6% of their income.

Developing Givers

Give Sparatically

Dormant Givers

50% of members that do not give.

First are the Generous Givers, those who give beyond the normal.  Next are the Maturing Givers, those who developed habits of giving on a regular, systematic basis, usually giving between 3 and 6% of their income.  In the third segment we find the Developing Givers, those who give impulsively, without any forethought or prayer.  The final segment are the Dormant Givers. Within the average church in America, they compose 50% of the membership, and they give no recordable amount.

Communicating Generosity

Logo Design

Build a memorable brand that lasts and ensures that your program stands apart.

Promotion Material Design

Increase the effectiveness of your print pieces to communicate generosity.

Website Design

The central hub of your program, we take great pride in building sites that are reliable and function perfectly.

Video Production

Create emotional bonds with your audience that influence their generosity.

Services in addition to capital programs that we provide include:

  • Development Audits
  • Donor Alignment Tests
  • Program Management
  • Major Gift and Planned Gift Development
  • Donor Screening
  • Board and Volunteer Leadership Development
  • Communication Design & Counsel
  • Staff Searches
  • Staff Development
  • Strategic and Long-range Development Planning
  • Annual Giving Programs
  • Donor Relations and Stewardship Development
  • Post-program Counsel
  • Development Program Audits
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Donor Screening & Qualification

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