SRD will help you to enlist a task force of key individuals to lead various aspects of the program.

We will help you build a compelling case that addresses the unique aspects of how your church is helping disciples to:  connect to Christ and one another, grow in faith, and serve in love.

We will provide a team of professionals who will work with you through every aspect of your campaign.  The team led by our Project Director who will bring skills that allow for a comprehensive approach to our services.  Our approach is a unique service that no other firm offers churches as it combines campaign coaching and management.  The Project Director will lead in developing the proper strategy, coaching the Pastor and securing the lead gifts, while providing management of the campaign.  They will lead in the coordination of the team of volunteers, insuring that their time and talents are utilized in the most effective manner.  This approach will relieve the church staff of this task.

We will commit to providing you the tools not only to succeed in this effort, but to build a system of stewardship for ongoing growth.

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The goal is to determine the generosity capacity of the church community.


The goal is to provide a structure and methodology that will lead to success.


The goal is to provide the necessary resources for the leadership to be successful.


The goal is to provide the opportunity for the church to become aware of the need and assimilate the proposed solution.


The goal is to create a context within which the church will be encouraged to respond to God’s call to generosity.

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