Richard Caperton

President and CEO

Richard Caperton is The SRD Group’s President & Managing Partner.  Richard’s passion is to assist churches and faith based ministries in reaching their potential.  His 20 years as an Executive Pastor and 24 years as a stewardship coach, provides him with an understanding of the uniqueness of the church community. Richard has led more than 120 successful capital programs, generating in excess of $800 million for local ministry.  His personable approach and motivational style make him an effective consultant in a multitude of traditions and ministry styles. Most recently, Richard has helped The First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas raise over $130 million.  Before that, Richard helped the Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, Illinois raise in excess of $80 million. Most recently the Church of the Incarnation Episcopal, Dallas, TX surpassed their goal and raised $31 million, the most ever by an Episcopal church.

The combination of his keen analytical skills and charismatic personality make Richard a sought after consultant and speaker.

Richard earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion from Louisiana College, Pineville, Louisiana and a Master’s degree from the Southwestern Seminary, in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Richard is regularly invited to speak on the subject of church growth and stewardship.  As a pastor and leader, Richard knows first hand the intricacies of capital stewardship programming from the leader’s perspective.  Richard’s viewpoint and pastoral experience are invaluable in his work as a stewardship consultant.

A resident of Dallas, Richard and his wife Judy have two grown children and four grandchildren.